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Nargis Fakhri is returning as a musician, but we don't like her fashion choices for it

Rockstar girl, Nargis Fakhri, is undoubtedly beautiful beyond words, and has tried her hand at acting in various Bollywood films. Fakhri was last seen in the film, Banjo, opposite Riteish Deshmukh, and has reportedly decided to take a break from acting ever since. 

The gorgeous actress is about to make a comeback, but this time, as a musician. Nargis is all set to make her singing debut, and we're hoping to see her emerge as a total rockstar.

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While a lot has been said about her highly anticipated singing debut, there's something that is grabbing more attention than the comeback project--her off-beat fashion sense.

The actress has been up and about her singing debut on social media, and we're not really sure if we like the mismatched clothes she's been wearing. Recently, Nargis posted a picture of herself on Instagram from an upcoming music video of hers, and it lacked majorly on subtlety--something we used to admire the most about her ensembles before this.

Picture courtesy: Instagram/nargisfakhri


Nargis was seen donning a pair of jeans with a sensual, black, see-through top, and a denim jacket thrown over it. It will, however, be unfair to not admit that she looked fiery in her black top. But while the black top was ultra-hot, it looked a bit over-the-top, and did not go very well with two different shades of denim. The denim jacket and jeans did not match well, just like the brown stilettos, that looked a little off with the black top.

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Nargis, however, looked adorable with the white-red printed headband, and we couldn't help but miss her previous looks. The red lipshade, and heavy eye-makeup were overdone, especially with the bold attire, and didn't help the outfit at all.

While Nargis has managed to make up happy with her comeback, the outfit was a total downer.

In another picture posted by the actress, she was completely leather clad--and looked overdressed for any imaginable occasion. The black criss-cross leather pants teamed up with a black leather jacket, and bright makeup, was a little too much for anyone to be wearing in this heat. Nargis was uncomfortably dressed, and that's something nobody likes. 

Picture courtesy: Instagram/nargisfakhri