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Vijay Mallya hits out at media a day after extradition hearing in London court

Absconding businessman Vijay Mallya once again hit out at the media, a day after he appeared in a United Kingdom court that is hearing his extradition case.

Posting a message on Twitter early morning (Indian time), Mallya said, \"Intense hate campaign by Indian media against me knows no bounds. The GOI (government of India) has filed a case which is before a U.K. court. Wait for verdict.\"

Mallya had previously slammed media coverage of his appearances at India's cricket matches in the ongoing Champions Trophy.

And yesterday, after his court hearing, Mallya said he doesn't speak to the media because they 'twist' anything that he says. \"There is enough evidence, that will speak,\" Mallya had said.

The owner of the now-defunct Kingfisher Airlines also told the media to \"keep dreaming about billions of pounds,\" and refuted reports that he was booed and called a thief by the crowd outside The Oval before the India-South Africa Champions Trophy game.

\"I certainly was not called a thief. I have video evidence. You may have heard it. Two people in a drunken state started yelling but you didn't see several others who wished me well,\" Mallya said.


The Indian government has asked the UK to extradite Mallya so that he can be prosecuted for crimes relating to foreign exchange violation, loan default and embezzlement. The 61-year-old, who owes Indian banks nearly Rs 9,000 crore (including interest), fled the country in March last year.

He was arrested by the Scotland Yard on an extradition warrant on April 18 and was, at the hearing yesterday, granted bail until December 4 this year.

During the hearing, Mallya was only asked to confirm his name and date of birth and was granted exemption from appearing at the next hearing (July 6), upon the request of his lawyers.

Mallya's defence team claimed he was \"swarmed by media cameras\" on his entry to the court on Tuesday. \"It was literally a battle to get into court,\" said Mallya's lawyer barrister Ben Watson.

Mallya's defence team also pushed to delay the final hearing date, which has been provisionally set for December 4, in the extradition case, saying they are yet to receive \"final evidence\" from Indian authorities and that they believe a second extradition request is coming.

The second request is believed to be related to the Enforcement Directorate's (ED) case against Mallya. The British Crown Prosecution Service, which presented the extradition case on behalf of India, said the Indian government would deal responsibly with any future extradition request.

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