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2024 Yearly Horoscope: Scorpio Scorpio 24 October - 22 November

Your year gets off to an unbalanced start thanks to a conflicting Mars-Saturn square in the middle of January. Mars is one of the powerful, forceful planets that guides you, and getting into it with controlled Saturn causes some turbulence. You want nothing more than to drive ahead at full speed, but there's also something urging you to keep your foot on the brake. You won't get far with these conflicting signals in your head, so try to be patient as you navigate through the frustration.

Your intuition takes over at the end of June during the Mars-Neptune trine, when you get permission to relax and let your inner voice guide you through life's difficult terrain. You also have a natural sense of sympathy now, and are helpful to others who may need some gentle guidance. It isn't easy to take on other people's problems, but you're good at it. Just remember not to get so entangled that you lose yourself and/or forget what's important to you.

Late October brings the Sun into your sign, and the depth of your emotions intensifies. Jealousy and obsession are always possibilities, but you also have an abundance of willpower and confidence that help see you through most of life's crisis situations. The next month can be tricky to navigate, so tread lightly and rely on your considerable emotional strength to see you through.


Venus struggles in Aries right around Valentine's Day, which tends to bring out some of your more aggressive tendencies. Venus is a gentle, feminine planet, so this pairing isn't ideal. There's an out-of-character 'me first' attitude happening around this aspect, so you may be a selfish lover. Right now you're also on the adventurous side, which can be fun, but there can be risks you're willing to overlook for the sake of a good time. Don't ignore the consequences of irresponsible actions right now, Scorpio. You're turned off by people who come off as prudish or stuffy, but there are good reasons for abstaining from risky romantic behavior. Realize that there is more to life than the conquest.

The Mars-Pluto opposition that occurs in the beginning of July brings some darkness into your love life, and although you may be attracted to the dark, brooding types, they can be much more trouble than they're worth. Like times a hundred. This aspect deals with addictions, obsessions, and compulsions of the shadowy variety, and what you need right now is an outlet for all of that negative energy.

Single Scorpions may get a charge from trying to help the 'unlucky in love' types right now, but you may be the one who ends up getting hurt in most hard-luck scenarios. Attached Scorpios also have their hands full with partners who have major dark sides to them, or you are dealing with personal demons of your own. You don't have to let important things slide by unnoticed, but you also don't have to focus entirely on the negativity in your love life. Remember that you're in control.

Loving Venus moves into your own sign in mid-November, at which point your love life can be a minefield of emotion. You have a strong willingness to commit, which is admirable, but the flip-side of that can be an intensity that a lot of people can't handle. Unrequited love is very difficult for you to handle, and finding a healthy way to deal with feelings of jealousy and revenge is absolutely imperative. Single Scorpios sometimes have an idealized vision of what their true love looks like, and attached Scorpios also tend to romanticize their mates or relationships even though they can clearly see the flaws. Who said love has to be perfect?


The burst of powerful energy from the Sun-Pluto (your other ruler) conjunction at the beginning of January sets all systems to 'Go' in your work life. You know what you're capable of, and when you're at the right place at the right time, your career can really take off. Don't hesitate to take the initiative on new projects or to volunteer to finish old ones. You're an asset to any team, and you can be a team player or an impressive leader. You go where you're needed, and you can accomplish most tasks with little or no direction. The best thing about you right now is that you don't call attention to yourself. You're happy to sit in your own little corner and get the job done, and your dedication is just one of the things that employers, customers, colleagues, or clients love about you.

The end of June brings a Mercury-Pluto opposition that can change the way you express yourself, which can have negative consequences. You have very strong opinions, which is fine, but if you choose to directly challenge a boss or co-worker on your differences, it could amount to trouble. Of course, you love a good challenge, which is what this aspect can bring, and you certainly don't shy away from them, but how you handle them can make a big difference. If you're feeling wronged and/or confrontational in the workplace, take a deep breath and walk away. Spend some time cooling down before you put in your two cents. Saying the wrong thing to the wrong person can have very regretful professional consequences right now, so it's far better to bite your tongue rather than say what you really think.

Jupiter moves into your sign at the start of October after being in lofty Libra for the last 13 months, which allows you to zero in on financial details, negotiate contracts, and basically do all of those nitty- gritty tasks that airy Libra didn't want to deal with. Jupiter is the planet of luck, so you can count on lucky/unexpected but happy career events to take place as well. This can be a great time of expansion regarding your career, especially if you meet the right people at the right time.