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2026 Yearly Horoscope: Virgo Virgo 23 August - 23 September

Your year begins slowly with your guiding planet, Mercury, in retrograde at the beginning of January, so your resolutions may get put on hold. Remember all of the old stuff that hadn't been decided at the end of last year? Well, Virgo, it's still hanging around, begging to be dealt with. Slow down. And handle what's already on your plate before dishing out more.

The Mercury (retrograde)-Uranus conjunction at the end of April is a very busy, chaotic time, and you'll have to get used to dealing with a lack of structure. Not fun for you, I know. You know that phrase 'if anything can go wrong it will'? Yup, it's true. Hang in there. You may find yourself asking 'why me,' but there's no logical answer. Look for major distractions and snafus in areas of transportation and communication to disrupt the order you've worked so hard to create. Things get back on track soon.

The Sun moves into your practical, analytical sign at the end of August, and you feel more at ease and comfortable in your own skin. Focus on your well-being in the month ahead, especially matters of the body. (Because stomach and digestive issues are associated with you, Virgo, pay particular attention to those areas.) The emphasis now is on analysis, logic, and planning. Do what you have to do to make those things priorities.


While a Mercury-Pluto conjunction occurs at the end of January, you're interested in what's behind the mask. Yes, you like good looks as much as the next person, but this aspect has you delving deep into someone's psyche. Attached Virgos: Is your partner hiding something? Single Virgos: What is that cute guy or girl you see on the bus everyday all about? You want -- no, need -- to get to the heart of the matter, and you use all of the communication aids you have to your full advantage. Cell phone? Check. Computer? Absolutely. Social media? Of course. Dating apps? Why not. And if you can't find out the information you want by searching for it, you'll probably just ask. This isn't the most subtle aspect around, so being direct is just part of your MO. Pay close attention to body language; it could be telling a whole other story.

Another Mercury/Uranus meetup occurs in May, and this one adds a lot of busy-ness to your romantic life. You have a lot going on -- maybe too much? -- but it's nice to feel popular. Remember, this is the aspect that likes to point to Murphy's Law (whatever can go wrong, will), so keep that in mind during all of your romantic escapades. You're a big planner, but when some of those carefully-laid plans don't work out, what are you going to do? Throwing a hissy fit probably isn't an option (or not a good one, anyway), so start planning ahead for when those things go wrong. It isn't possible to have another option in mind for every scenario, of course, Virgo, but why not do some creative thinking now so you'll be ready when those chaotic moments come?

Another interesting aspect for you to be aware of is the Mercury-Neptune square happening in the middle of November, because your judgment might be very much in question. You know how good you usually are at remaining logical and coming up with a practical solution to your romantic dilemmas? Well, not this time. You aren't sure of what's really going on in your love life right now, Virgo, and this confusion/misinterpretation can bring out the worst in you. Are you seeing romantic situations for how they really are, or are you idealizing them? Aim at telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, but don't be surprised when you hear a little white lie coming out of your mouth. There aren't many escapes right now, but you're bound and determined to find one.


The Moon is Full in your sign in the middle of March, which brings positive adjustments in your career for a two-week period. If you're looking for work, this time frame could be very fruitful, with an emphasis on details. Watch those typos in all forms of communication, and be punctual to job interviews, meetings, etc.

Employed Virgos can expect an increase in productivity, especially when it comes to those precise tasks you love. Although this isn't the time to start anything new, tying up loose ends is particularly satisfying, especially if you are able to say 'I told you so' to a know-it-all co-worker or competitor.

Mercury ends a retrograde cycle at the beginning of May, so you should feel an increase in energy. It's time to get back up to speed in all of the areas you feel you've been sluggish in lately (especially communication). You get the thumbs-up on moving forward on projects that have been stagnating, and if you're in the job market, some very good opportunities could pop up right now. If it feels like you've been in a holding pattern, Virgo, this can be a very freeing time. Moving forward with things that have been set aside for the last three weeks is challenging, but in the best way possible.

A Mercury-Saturn conjunction at the end of November is a short-lived but high-pressure aspect, so don't be surprised when you begin to feel overwhelmed by average daily tasks. There may be a lingering anxiety about your career in general, or you may lie awake nights worrying about a specific task you need to get completed, or a tiff you're having with a difficult co-worker.

The good news is that to every problem, there's a solution, so put all of that excess nervous energy to work figuring it out. Once you are able to quiet your mind and focus on the positive rather than the negative of your situation, Virgo, you'll emerge stronger. Rely on past training you've received, classes you've taken, or advice you've heard to help you advance to the next level of your career.