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2025 Yearly Horoscope: Taurus Taurus 21 April - 21 May

Venus is your ruler, and she starts the year out in compassionate Pisces, so right away in January you have the proverbial shoulder that everyone wants to cry on. Venus loves to be in the Fish's imaginative and sensitive sign, which is obvious from the optimistic energy emanating all around you. This aspect softens even the hardest of hearts, and puts you in a giving mood. Doing favors without expecting anything in return? Yup, that's how you roll.

The Sun moves into your determined sign in late April, escorting in a month's worth of methodical stability and gritty determination. Of course, as a Bull you know all too well that the flip side of that can be stubbornness and possessiveness, but if you can find a way to keep some of your more negative qualities under control, you're a real force to be reckoned with. And as a side benefit, Taurus, the projects and plans that take root at this time are sure to grow into successes.

October brings a Venus-Pluto conflict that results in a pretty extreme abundance of feelings, and depending on how you deal with them, it can be extremely transformative -- or kind of dark. On the negative side, there are feelings of revenge, jealousy, and possible manipulation brewing, but if you can harness that powerful Pluto energy, you can turn it around and experience some very healing, regenerative moments.


Your ruler, Venus, guides matters of the heart, which means nothing but smooth sailing for your love life, right? If only it were that simple. In the beginning of March, this charming planet turns retrograde, which can be a deal breaker for any current romantic commitments you have going. Is this an indication that things can't work out in the long-term? No, absolutely not, but when retrograde cycles occur, it's a hint for us to stop what we're doing and contemplate our actions. Is there a looming relationship issue you haven't been brave enough to face? Gather all of the crucial details now, Taurus, then wait until the right time to act (late April at the earliest). This aspect also allows you to finally get rid of some old feelings you've been harboring for an ex, which should be helpful when you're ready to move forward with something new. You know those old emails/texts that you've been hanging onto? It's time to hit Delete All.

The Uranus-Venus conjunction that happens in the beginning of June can be a very exciting time in your love life, with lots of unexpected events and encounters with unusual people. If it bucks tradition, then it's for you -- which is very unusual for you, right, Taurus? You have an innate conservative, traditional side but this mid-year aspect gives you the go-ahead to knock down barriers and explore the unknown. Both single and attached Bulls feel the heat of a new flame, but be careful because the sparks ignited now can burn bright but also fizzle quickly.

The start of October sees a favorable Venus-Pluto trine come to light, and single Taureans are looking for someone to share their whole life with. Every intimate detail. You long for a true partner in every sense of the word, and you're willing to give a lot in return. For those of you who have already found true love, you want to go to the depths of what love has to offer. Sharing feelings on an intimate level isn't just a turn-on, but you feel it's a necessity. A craving of the highest order, if you will. You'll do what it takes to fulfill your partner's deepest desires, and hope to get the same in return. The foundation of what you have together is based on trust, and mutual love and affection are important ingredients in the perfect recipe for romance.


There are a lot of planets in motion at the end of February -- Mars, Pluto, and Venus are all on the move, plus a Solar Eclipse livens things up... which means it isn't a good time to make any major decisions concerning your career. When the Universe is in flux, you and your career also tend to be, and starting anything new (a job, project, etc.) could prove to be quite frustrating and even disastrous in worst-case scenarios. Instead of trying to start something new by forging ahead boldly and blindly, use this time to evaluate where you are professionally (be brutally honest with yourself), and then begin to slowly plant the seeds for future endeavors.

The Sun leaves your sign and moves into Gemini at the end of May, which puts you in a much more social mood. Networking opportunities increase, and all forms of communication flow easier. Sending business-related texts, emails, faxes, making video conference-calls, giving speeches in front of a large group of co-workers, etc., are all much-improved and almost effortless tasks. The downside of this aspect is a restless, almost flighty demeanor, so bosses, co-workers and clients who are used to counting on you might see a slight shift in your level of responsibility. And not in a positive direction. The good news is that you can talk your way out of almost anything right now, Taurus, so coming up with a believable excuse about why your assignment is overdue or why you're late to an important meeting shouldn't be a problem.

The end of September brings a Venus-Neptune opposition, which can create a hint of vague uncertainty and confusion regarding your relationship to money. It's great to have high ambitions, but when those pie-in-the-sky business ideas don't work out they not only dash your dreams, but they could also destroy your bank account. Keeping your feet on the ground isn't always easy to do when you're excited about a professional opportunity, but staying rooted is the best thing to aim for right now. A healthy dose of realism trumps a dream with no substance.