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2018 Yearly Horoscope: Capricorn Capricorn 22 December - 20 January

Your year begins with a difficult Mars-Saturn (your ruling planet) square to deal with toward the middle of January, so despite wanting to go full speed ahead with those New Year's resolutions, something is holding you back. Frustration can set in when you attempt to try anything new right now, so it's best to sit tight and be patient.

You have a very good idea of where you're going during a Saturn-Uranus trine in the middle of May, and even if you don't have a certain way to get there, you're pretty sure that you'll find it. Think of this aspect in terms of taking the long way home. It might not be entirely your decision (perhaps construction or a parade detour rerouted you), but you're oh-so-glad you got to experience it, because you never would have otherwise.

The Sun moves into your sign at the end of December, and this is your time to truly shine. Your level of ambition tops the charts, and you have the self-discipline, responsibility, and practicality to see things through to their completion. When you have a job to do, you approach it with laser focus, and when you apply this to your personal life, nothing can stop you.


The end of January brings the first of four Venus-Saturn squares, which is twice the number in a typical year. So, dear Capricorn, these could present some problems for you where love is concerned. There are a lot of blockages here, and giving and receiving love aren't the easiest thing for you to do. If you're feeling closed off, this could be why. If you're not feeling worthy, it's hard to be open and accepting that anyone else will -- or could -- love you. What will it take to get over these kinds of obstacles? Try to realize that rejections and setbacks aren't usually a direct result of you or your personality, but rather bad luck, timing or circumstances.

A Saturn-Mercury trine toward the end of July (and the last trine of the year between these two planets) helps you keep your love life under control, as you are able to apply your organization and self-discipline skills to your love life.

If you're planning a romance-related trip or event, this is the perfect time to make sure things go off without a hitch. You're excellent at tending to every little detail, thus creating the perfect romantic setting. You're also very good at predicting all of the things that could potentially go wrong in your current relationship or a budding one, which enable you to head problems off at the pass whenever possible.

Another Saturn-Uranus trine occurs in the beginning of November, and the effect it has on your love life is very freeing. Gone are the strict adherence to rigid rules and regulations that have guided your love life down a certain path in the past, Capricorn, and it's fun to embrace new concepts and ideas as you navigate the road toward love.

Being a Cardinal sign, you are a change-maker and instigator, so feel free to introduce new things into your current romance as you see fit. If you're single, take a new approach to dating, especially when technological advances are concerned. Try new dating apps or get in on the beta version of one that's being developed. You don't usually think of yourself as cutting-edge, but right now it works for you.


It's worth mentioning that Pluto has been moving through your sign, Capricorn, and will continue to for the next several years, and 2016 marks the halfway point of this powerful planet's transit. Money is one of its main focuses, and there could be some drama playing out in this area. Your ambition is beyond compare, so you aren't exactly thrilled with the prospect of having any kind of theatrics surrounding your source of income. You prefer to take things at face value and be able to control your destiny, so when something threatens your financial security, you take action. Spend some time this year avoiding extremes and attempting to decrease dramatization in your financial house as much as possible.

A Full Moon in your sign at the beginning of July is an ultimate time of power and control, so you may feel the incredible sense of being in charge of your own destiny. You make things happen regarding your career, which is a big contrast between waiting for things to happen to you. While a lot of your friends and co-workers are content to float along in the status quo, you strive to be above the line of averageness. The downside to this aspect can be that you become overly demanding, and if you're a boss/manager/supervisor you're probably one who isn't friends with their underlings. But that's okay, because as long as everyone is doing what they should be, you're happy with an increase in productivity. You'd take that over friendship any day.

Saturn moves into your sign mid-December for the first time since 1988, and you'll probably feel an immediate increase in your sense of responsibility for your own actions. Even if you work as part of a team, you are hyper-sensitive to the exact tasks and projects you're responsible for within your own group. Goats currently looking for work could experience a sense of regret over past actions that have resulted in your present position, but you aren't likely to let yourself make excuses. You are where you are as a direct result of what you did, but the good news is that you and you alone can pull yourself out of your career-related funk. You're the definition of self-reliance.