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June . 21 . 2017


( Aries )
21 March - 20 April
Overview 2017 isn't all peaches and cream at the start, as you struggle to find your footing during the challenging Mars-Saturn square in mid-January. Fear not, though, fiery Aries, because although you have some obligations (perhaps family-related) that directly conflict with events that you've been looking forward to for what seems like forever, it's not always your way or the highway. There is definitely a middle ground, you just have to find it. Compromises can be reached under the right circumstances, so give other people the chance to make a suggestion every once in a while. The beginning of April is a positive time of transformation thanks to the gentle Mars-Pluto trine, at which point you can really do some satisfying inner work on your self-image, and replace negative thoughts with more positive ones. If you're willing to put in the effort, that is. You aren't one to back away from a challenge, so keep your head down and do your homework. In almost complete contrast to the mental labor and emotional exertion you put in earlier in the year, getting what you want comes easily in late December thanks to a favorable Mars-Neptune trine; in fact, getting your way might be a bit too effortless (because you love a challenge). Good things seem to land in your lap, and although you're in a fateful place where you can count on some good luck, Aries, it's important not to take good fortune for granted. Romantic March is a key time in your romantic life, as Venus turns retrograde and puts your carefully-laid plans into a tailspin. You're used to being the aggressor and really going for what you want in life and in love, and when this passionate planet gets turned around, so do you. Now that you're at somewhat of a standstill, Aries, it wouldn't be a bad idea to reassess what -- and who -- is most important to you. As far as starting anything new or making any major commitments, pump the brakes. Postponing or even cancelling a ceremony before it happens is much better than having to go back and admit that you were wrong to ever go through with it in the first place. Wait until at least May. A Venus-Uranus conjunction can cause some disorder/confusion in June, but it isn't destructive commotion. It's more of a kind of 'hey, look over here, your love life needs some attention' signal coaxing you. There's some undeniably eccentric, imaginative energy now that makes you stop and wonder, 'what if' about things that you've never even considered before. Just what's going on here? You have some very interesting things running through your mind, and thus, some potentially difficult decisions to make. Consider this a test of sorts to see how well you can navigate the romantic waters you currently find yourself in, while also getting a glimpse into whether or not you can adjust to the unpredictable conditions that your love life consists of right now. In October a Venus-Mars conjunction gives you quite an erotic charge, and let's just put it out there -- powerful sexual energy. This aspect really packs a punch, so this is an intense and exciting time in your love life. If you're a single Ram, it could be time to take a flirt-mance to the next level, especially when it comes to physical demonstrations of your feelings. You may have had a good reason for holding back this long, but there's a time and place for everything, and this is about as close as you'll get to perfect timing. Committed Rams who feel like they've been the only one trying to create sparks in their relationship get a pleasant surprise in October as the passionate energy begins to rise. They say good things come to those who wait, and you're about to be rewarded for your virtuous patience. Career Saturn turns retrograde at the start of April, and the repercussions of your past actions are coming to the surface. Maybe you've been skating by at a job you don't particularly like, or putting off looking for a new job until the market gets better? This aspect shows you the downside of avoiding your responsibilities, Aries, and it's time to face the music, so to speak. If you've been working hard, good for you! You'll reap the benefits. But if you haven't, April can be a dicey time. Selling is one career area that's highly affected by Saturn retrograde, so if you have a sales job things could slow down considerably. Hopefully you have a 'rainy day' plan you can turn to. If sales aren't a regular part of your job, perhaps the task of selling your best business traits and your career image is in focus right now. Emphasize your assets in order to steer potential new employers away from your more negative traits (we all have them). When mid-May rolls around, however, a Mars-Jupiter trine injects a great dose of luck and drive into your career situation, and because you also have a lot of resources at your disposal at this time, you'd almost have to try NOT to succeed. You can't plan on always being at the right place at the right time, Aries, but you can definitely make sure you're prepared for when that time comes. Take full advantage of every opportunity that's given to you in order to reach your full professional potential. A Venus-Jupiter conjunction occurs in mid-November, and employment situations at the end of the year look extremely positive. Have you been searching for the exact job you're qualified for? Your perfect fit? Or perhaps you've been gunning for a promotion at your current place of employment? When these two planets come together, the positive effect for you reaches far and wide. And remember, Aries, you tend to get back what you project out into the world, so be sure to put your best foot forward in every career situation. The results will be impressive, and could have incredibly positive long-term effects.
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( Taurus )
21 April - 21 May
Overview Venus is your ruler, and she starts the year out in compassionate Pisces, so right away in January you have the proverbial shoulder that everyone wants to cry on. Venus loves to be in the Fish's imaginative and sensitive sign, which is obvious from the optimistic energy emanating all around you. This aspect softens even the hardest of hearts, and puts you in a giving mood. Doing favors without expecting anything in return? Yup, that's how you roll. The Sun moves into your determined sign in late April, escorting in a month's worth of methodical stability and gritty determination. Of course, as a Bull you know all too well that the flip side of that can be stubbornness and possessiveness, but if you can find a way to keep some of your more negative qualities under control, you're a real force to be reckoned with. And as a side benefit, Taurus, the projects and plans that take root at this time are sure to grow into successes. October brings a Venus-Pluto conflict that results in a pretty extreme abundance of feelings, and depending on how you deal with them, it can be extremely transformative -- or kind of dark. On the negative side, there are feelings of revenge, jealousy, and possible manipulation brewing, but if you can harness that powerful Pluto energy, you can turn it around and experience some very healing, regenerative moments. Romantic Your ruler, Venus, guides matters of the heart, which means nothing but smooth sailing for your love life, right? If only it were that simple. In the beginning of March, this charming planet turns retrograde, which can be a deal breaker for any current romantic commitments you have going. Is this an indication that things can't work out in the long-term? No, absolutely not, but when retrograde cycles occur, it's a hint for us to stop what we're doing and contemplate our actions. Is there a looming relationship issue you haven't been brave enough to face? Gather all of the crucial details now, Taurus, then wait until the right time to act (late April at the earliest). This aspect also allows you to finally get rid of some old feelings you've been harboring for an ex, which should be helpful when you're ready to move forward with something new. You know those old emails/texts that you've been hanging onto? It's time to hit Delete All. The Uranus-Venus conjunction that happens in the beginning of June can be a very exciting time in your love life, with lots of unexpected events and encounters with unusual people. If it bucks tradition, then it's for you -- which is very unusual for you, right, Taurus? You have an innate conservative, traditional side but this mid-year aspect gives you the go-ahead to knock down barriers and explore the unknown. Both single and attached Bulls feel the heat of a new flame, but be careful because the sparks ignited now can burn bright but also fizzle quickly. The start of October sees a favorable Venus-Pluto trine come to light, and single Taureans are looking for someone to share their whole life with. Every intimate detail. You long for a true partner in every sense of the word, and you're willing to give a lot in return. For those of you who have already found true love, you want to go to the depths of what love has to offer. Sharing feelings on an intimate level isn't just a turn-on, but you feel it's a necessity. A craving of the highest order, if you will. You'll do what it takes to fulfill your partner's deepest desires, and hope to get the same in return. The foundation of what you have together is based on trust, and mutual love and affection are important ingredients in the perfect recipe for romance. Career There are a lot of planets in motion at the end of February -- Mars, Pluto, and Venus are all on the move, plus a Solar Eclipse livens things up... which means it isn't a good time to make any major decisions concerning your career. When the Universe is in flux, you and your career also tend to be, and starting anything new (a job, project, etc.) could prove to be quite frustrating and even disastrous in worst-case scenarios. Instead of trying to start something new by forging ahead boldly and blindly, use this time to evaluate where you are professionally (be brutally honest with yourself), and then begin to slowly plant the seeds for future endeavors. The Sun leaves your sign and moves into Gemini at the end of May, which puts you in a much more social mood. Networking opportunities increase, and all forms of communication flow easier. Sending business-related texts, emails, faxes, making video conference-calls, giving speeches in front of a large group of co-workers, etc., are all much-improved and almost effortless tasks. The downside of this aspect is a restless, almost flighty demeanor, so bosses, co-workers and clients who are used to counting on you might see a slight shift in your level of responsibility. And not in a positive direction. The good news is that you can talk your way out of almost anything right now, Taurus, so coming up with a believable excuse about why your assignment is overdue or why you're late to an important meeting shouldn't be a problem. The end of September brings a Venus-Neptune opposition, which can create a hint of vague uncertainty and confusion regarding your relationship to money. It's great to have high ambitions, but when those pie-in-the-sky business ideas don't work out they not only dash your dreams, but they could also destroy your bank account. Keeping your feet on the ground isn't always easy to do when you're excited about a professional opportunity, but staying rooted is the best thing to aim for right now. A healthy dose of realism trumps a dream with no substance.
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( Gemini )
22 May - 21 June
Overview Your ruling planet, the communicative Mercury, starts out the year direct and then immediately goes retrograde (back into Sagittarius) in the first week of January. Ready to do some backtracking? You may want to immediately revoke some words or actions you let slip in a heated moment, but right now take-backs and do-overs aren't likely. Let bygones be bygones. The Sun moves into your airy sign in late May, throwing you into a social whirlwind. You're a master of small talk, and you can strike up a conversation with anyone no matter how diverse your backgrounds. The focus is off the physical world and on the mental one, where you're super comfortable. You gladly accept any and all mental challenges, and feel very much yourself for the coming month. Mid-November brings an unfortunate Mercury-Neptune square that puts your judgment in question, leaving you to wonder if you can really trust yourself to make decent, well-informed decisions. Right now? Probably not. This aspect throws you into a vicious cycle where you may not only get caught up in your own thoughts and ideas, but unfortunate byproducts include lying and manipulation. If someone insists that you aren't seeing the whole picture, believe them. Or at least don't dismiss them right away. Romantic Mercury drifts into kindred Air sign Aquarius at the start of February, which may make you literally breathe a sigh of relief. Take a deep breath and move forward with a romantic plan; now that you're feeling lighter, you have much less to lose when it comes to love. You're an excellent storyteller right now, and your thought patterns are a bit more eccentric and amusing than they usually are. This all works to your advantage romantically, because whether you're trying to woo someone new or impress your partner of many years, they're likely to find you completely unique and charming, if not a tad bit off (in the cutest way). Venus glides into your sign in the beginning of July, which puts your communication skills at the forefront of all of your romantic interactions. You know the exact right thing to say to make your sweetie swoon, and if you're trying to make a good impression via text, your prose comes together like you're a virtual Shakespeare! This match between you and the Goddess of Love is a good, good thing, Gemini, and you'd have to try really hard to mess anything up! The one thing to remember is that Twins, as a rule, don't like to be tied down, so what happens once you win the guy or girl? Are you really going to want to do what it takes to maintain an actual relationship? That's some definite food for thought. A Neptune-Mercury opposition has you missing out on important romantic details in the middle of September, and you may get hit with a lot of love-related blindsides and other 'Wow, I didn't see THAT coming' moments. If the universe could put an Out of Order sign on your brain during this time, it would. And because you're prone to mental confusion right now, too, it isn't a good idea to make any final decisions when it comes to love. Don't jump to conclusions (because what you see is only a portion of what's actually going on), and don't make snap judgments (because you're likely only seeing a portion of what's in the frame rather than the whole picture). Career You're at your mental peak when Mercury meets Uranus (both in steady and determined Taurus) at the end of March, and your curiosity helps you advance in almost any career area of your choosing. If you don't know the answer, you'll find it, which makes you a helpful co-worker, impressive asset to your boss, advantageous member of any professional group, etc. You're also always looking to improve your already-impressive index of knowledge, so the time is right for taking classes and/or enrolling in a higher degree program. Early June sees Mercury shifting into your sign, which casts a favorable light on all of your business dealings, social connections, communication issues, etc., for about three weeks. Use your time wisely in order to take full advantage of your communicative gifts. Talk up an executive in order to get information that no one else in the company knows. Go to a job-related seminar and ask an unlimited number of questions during the Q&A portion. Listen to a podcast about a job-related topic, then join an online discussion to talk about what you just learned. The possibilities are endless. One thing to keep in mind: this isn't a great time to start solo projects. You need that group energy to keep you on target! A Mercury-Neptune trine occurs in late October, and if creativity is part of your everyday career life, good things are about to happen. You can go to some pretty impressive creative depths during this aspect, and as long as you can keep your inventive vision on track, the sky's the limit. If you're an artist, shop around your portfolio, and even if you aren't, this is a good time to beef up your resume with creative (yet not untrue) wording. Once you veer off track, however, it could be hard getting back on. Your imagination takes you many lofty places, but you have a tendency to drift off and get lost in your own interesting ideas (which can be especially unfortunate if you're giving a talk or presentation in front of a large group).
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( Cancer )
22 June - July 22
Overview It's true that the Moon, your ruling planet, shifts often in the sky, but it's still worth noting that it's Full in your own sensitive sign at the beginning of January. This Moon is part of a four-point configuration called the Cardinal Grand Cross right now, and indicates a key time to regroup and refocus your energy. If you're going through a tough time, bring everything to a halt as you regather your thoughts. What should your next move be? The vibrant Sun moves into your sign in late June, which puts a spotlight on your true personality. Emotions run high, yes, but your compassion and sympathy are positive traits, not negative ones. Family relationships are also highlighted for the next month, Cancer, so work on strengthening those bonds with your relatives (especially females/those with feminine energy). The start of October sees Jupiter enter your fellow Water Sign Scorpio's orbit, which signals very big/powerful change on the horizon. You're extremely interested in life's mysteries right now, and you feel a big pull toward figuring out the unknown. This could apply to many specific areas of your own life, or to the world in general. You're determined to figure out the who, what, why, where, and how of every situation... and you're excellent at then taking that knowledge and applying it toward a satisfying outcome. Romantic The end of February brings a Pisces New Moon/Solar Eclipse, which isn't a good time to start anything new. There may (literally) be a shadow over your love life, Cancer, preventing you from seeing beyond what's right in front of you. Single Crabs, have you been thinking about asking someone out? Trying to get up the courage just to talk to someone? Or mulling over the idea of converting your flirting sessions with a sexy associate into something more? This aspect hints at high emotions, and also of unexpected results. So, yes, Cancer, you can ask, but if you're looking for a sure thing, you might want to wait until the waters are a bit less turbulent. If you're already in a relationship you may be hesitant to take things to the next level with your significant other -- and with good reason. Your intuition is working overtime, perhaps warning you that now isn't the best time to pop an important question or ask your sweetie for a favor. Follow your instincts. The beginning of June brings a Venus-Saturn fire trine, which is a strong suggestion that the key to being on the path to love is being well-behaved and committed. This may sound like some old-fashioned mumbo jumbo, but if you think about it, it really fits in well with the whole Crab mentality. You're about this. You place importance on family values. Security. Traditional relationships. Both single and attached Cancers alike can identify with the desire to be in a solid relationship, and this aspect further emphasizes that that is, indeed, what you should be looking out for and working toward. The Venus-Pluto trine in the beginning of October suggests that certain close, personal relationships are under scrutiny, but it also favors long-term commitments and offers the opportunity to go deeper into the emotional realm with someone you are close to. This is the time to stare into each other's eyes and ask the deep, intimate questions you've been wondering about. Single Crabs shouldn't be afraid to get serious. Playing the field is for signs that don't have the emotional depth you do. And for those of you out there who are already taken, there are still things you can learn about each other. When you go to emotional depths you haven't been to together, it strengthens your bond even more. Career The Moon goes void of course (VOC) for the first time this year at the beginning of January (after leaving Aries and before heading into Taurus), which is a short window of time but significant enough to mention. You're ruled by the Moon, Cancer, so this is a time where your emotions will be on hold, allowing you to get some productive, logical work done. Not that you should take on any new activity or responsibility, but by all means, go after current work with a vengeance and make a significant and determined effort to finish what you start. Specific tasks that are especially favorable during the VOC Moon, such as editing, reviewing, rewriting, refining details, completing existing projects, finding lost objects and making to-do lists. When Mars enters your sign in June, you make the switch from playing offense to defense when it comes to your career. Things can get somewhat emotionally sticky during this aspect, so you'll have to fight to stay on the side of logic as much as possible. You don't like to show much on the surface right now (which could be hard for your co-workers to get used to, especially if they've seen you cry at work), but there's currently an undeniable sense of pride and a low-key goal-oriented approach to it that tells others you're dead serious about your job. You aren't going to get what you want through flash; leave that to someone else. You're all about approaching tasks with creativity and dedication. Mid-September brings a Mercury-Neptune opposition that can cause a brain fog that sends you into a bit of a professional downward spiral, so avoid any detail-oriented, specific tasks and assignments if at all possible. You also have a tendency to be misunderstood and misrepresented right now, so be very clear in your directions, explanations, presentations, and overall communication in general. This is the time to make lists, double check them and then have someone else go over them once more just to make sure you aren't missing something. A deleted or inadvertent detail that gets left out could have potential disastrous professional consequences.
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( Leo )
23 July - 22 August
Overview An early February Lunar Eclipse in your sign hints that no major changes should be made around then, yet it's also a fortunate time due to both the Sun (your ruler) and Moon having compatible Jupiter influences. This energy is all about the major relationships in your life, and how well you've been maintaining them. If there's something wrong, you'll hear about it now, but don't be too quick to take action. Your ego is on the line, and any major mistakes you make now could be far-reaching and long-lasting. The powerful Sun travels into your sign in late July, and your classic Leo traits will be emphasized for the coming month. You have ambition to boot and you love the limelight, but your ego could get in the way of making any real progress in certain areas of your life. Take on the role of leader or organizer to make sure you stay content in situations where you struggle for control. The end of November brings a Sun-Moon Fire Trine, which propels you into the holiday spirit in style. There is a real emphasis on enthusiasm and courage right now, and anything you do, you do with 100 percent of your being. Your fiery nature takes over, and you often act impulsively yet with the best of intentions. As far as you see it, where there's a will, there's a definite way! Romantic Your romantic year starts out with the Sun in fiery Aries meeting up for a once-a-year soiree with Pluto at the start of January. This is a powerful, sensual combination, but lest people get the wrong idea, as a single Lion you want to put it out there that you aren't looking to date around. You want the intensity that committed couples have, and you're willing to strut your stuff to make sure you get it. It isn't exactly a bait and switch routine, but let's just say you're willing to use your sexuality as a preview of things to come -- if the other person is willing to commit. Attached Lions have a booming sex life right now, as long as your partner indulges your wants/desires and is compliant with your requests. The Sun and Uranus also have a yearly meetup in the middle of April, throwing your past into question and making you wonder whether or not you've made the right decisions along your path to love. Whether or not you're in a current relationship, it's never fun to wonder "what if". Did The One get away? Are you afraid to really find out the real and true answer to that question? Confronting your past isn't easy, but this aspect calls for confrontation of truths, and not sugar-coating reality. Did you mess up somewhere along the line? Was a past breakup your fault? Are you the one preventing a current relationship from moving to the next level? Take responsibility. Apologize if necessary. And don't worry so much about how to say it, just say what needs to be said! A Solar Eclipse in your sign has an interesting effect on your love life at the end of August, because it may try to block out your best qualities. Or at the very least hit the mute button on them. Just as the Moon attempts to block out the Sun, can you feel yourself being blocked from someone else's life? Do you feel like you have less energy, or less of an effect on your sweetie or someone you thought you were making good romantic progress with? When everything is thrust into unfamiliar territory, as it may be here, you're forced to scramble as you re-evaluate where you're going. What do you truly want from love? Once you adjust to this new lighting it should be easier to figure out what you desire. Career The end of March sees the Sun, the Moon and four planets all in Fire signs, which is a green light to be adventurous and maybe even a bit risky when it comes to your career. This is the time to explore new opportunities with abandon. When you follow the path that leads to innovation, you rarely fail. You're quick to act, but the early bird gets the worm, right Leo? The danger here is that Fire signs burn bright and fast, but can also fizzle with the first sign of trouble. You shy away from strict routines, but you also have high energy and are very leadership-oriented, and with all these positive qualities on your side, you should be able to take full advantage of any and all opportunities that come your way. The end of July brings driven Mars into your sign for the next six weeks, filling your career with more masculine Fire energy. Because the Sun is also in your sign, this is a double threat when it comes to making power moves. You have all the confidence in the world, and you go after what you want. Of course, when you play this hard you run the risk of falling on your face -- and doing it right in front of the whole audience you've gathered -- but you can handle it. Brush off your ego and get ready to start again, Leo, because the rest of the professional world is poised to celebrate your amazing accomplishments! Venus moves into fellow Fire sign Sagittarius in the beginning of December, which puts you smack dab in the middle of a popularity contest. And you've never complained about competing in one of those, have you, Leo? When all eyes are on you you're less likely to fail, so get ready to put forth your best and brightest effort. Travel could also be a part of your job during this time, possibly to a new city or country, or at the very least you should receive new tasks and assignments that will keep you learning and growing. You might not have a lot of free time for the next month or so, but the payoff (maybe literally in the form of a raise or promotion) will be well worth the sacrifice.
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( Virgo )
23 August - 23 September
Overview Your year begins slowly with your guiding planet, Mercury, in retrograde at the beginning of January, so your resolutions may get put on hold. Remember all of the old stuff that hadn't been decided at the end of last year? Well, Virgo, it's still hanging around, begging to be dealt with. Slow down. And handle what's already on your plate before dishing out more. The Mercury (retrograde)-Uranus conjunction at the end of April is a very busy, chaotic time, and you'll have to get used to dealing with a lack of structure. Not fun for you, I know. You know that phrase 'if anything can go wrong it will'? Yup, it's true. Hang in there. You may find yourself asking 'why me,' but there's no logical answer. Look for major distractions and snafus in areas of transportation and communication to disrupt the order you've worked so hard to create. Things get back on track soon. The Sun moves into your practical, analytical sign at the end of August, and you feel more at ease and comfortable in your own skin. Focus on your well-being in the month ahead, especially matters of the body. (Because stomach and digestive issues are associated with you, Virgo, pay particular attention to those areas.) The emphasis now is on analysis, logic, and planning. Do what you have to do to make those things priorities. Romantic While a Mercury-Pluto conjunction occurs at the end of January, you're interested in what's behind the mask. Yes, you like good looks as much as the next person, but this aspect has you delving deep into someone's psyche. Attached Virgos: Is your partner hiding something? Single Virgos: What is that cute guy or girl you see on the bus everyday all about? You want -- no, need -- to get to the heart of the matter, and you use all of the communication aids you have to your full advantage. Cell phone? Check. Computer? Absolutely. Social media? Of course. Dating apps? Why not. And if you can't find out the information you want by searching for it, you'll probably just ask. This isn't the most subtle aspect around, so being direct is just part of your MO. Pay close attention to body language; it could be telling a whole other story. Another Mercury/Uranus meetup occurs in May, and this one adds a lot of busy-ness to your romantic life. You have a lot going on -- maybe too much? -- but it's nice to feel popular. Remember, this is the aspect that likes to point to Murphy's Law (whatever can go wrong, will), so keep that in mind during all of your romantic escapades. You're a big planner, but when some of those carefully-laid plans don't work out, what are you going to do? Throwing a hissy fit probably isn't an option (or not a good one, anyway), so start planning ahead for when those things go wrong. It isn't possible to have another option in mind for every scenario, of course, Virgo, but why not do some creative thinking now so you'll be ready when those chaotic moments come? Another interesting aspect for you to be aware of is the Mercury-Neptune square happening in the middle of November, because your judgment might be very much in question. You know how good you usually are at remaining logical and coming up with a practical solution to your romantic dilemmas? Well, not this time. You aren't sure of what's really going on in your love life right now, Virgo, and this confusion/misinterpretation can bring out the worst in you. Are you seeing romantic situations for how they really are, or are you idealizing them? Aim at telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, but don't be surprised when you hear a little white lie coming out of your mouth. There aren't many escapes right now, but you're bound and determined to find one. Career The Moon is Full in your sign in the middle of March, which brings positive adjustments in your career for a two-week period. If you're looking for work, this time frame could be very fruitful, with an emphasis on details. Watch those typos in all forms of communication, and be punctual to job interviews, meetings, etc. Employed Virgos can expect an increase in productivity, especially when it comes to those precise tasks you love. Although this isn't the time to start anything new, tying up loose ends is particularly satisfying, especially if you are able to say 'I told you so' to a know-it-all co-worker or competitor. Mercury ends a retrograde cycle at the beginning of May, so you should feel an increase in energy. It's time to get back up to speed in all of the areas you feel you've been sluggish in lately (especially communication). You get the thumbs-up on moving forward on projects that have been stagnating, and if you're in the job market, some very good opportunities could pop up right now. If it feels like you've been in a holding pattern, Virgo, this can be a very freeing time. Moving forward with things that have been set aside for the last three weeks is challenging, but in the best way possible. A Mercury-Saturn conjunction at the end of November is a short-lived but high-pressure aspect, so don't be surprised when you begin to feel overwhelmed by average daily tasks. There may be a lingering anxiety about your career in general, or you may lie awake nights worrying about a specific task you need to get completed, or a tiff you're having with a difficult co-worker. The good news is that to every problem, there's a solution, so put all of that excess nervous energy to work figuring it out. Once you are able to quiet your mind and focus on the positive rather than the negative of your situation, Virgo, you'll emerge stronger. Rely on past training you've received, classes you've taken, or advice you've heard to help you advance to the next level of your career.
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( Libra )
24 September - 23 October
Overview A Venus (your ruler)-Neptune conjunction in mid-January gets your year off to a compassionate start. There is a softness about you that others may try to take advantage of, so be sure to note the difference between being helpful and doing favors for people versus letting others walk all over you. Just because you're sympathetic to a cause doesn't mean that you're a doormat. Loving Venus has a difficult trip into aggressive Aries at the end of April, and the next four months may present challenges in areas of finance and relationships. Hastily-made decisions regarding love and money affect your overall well-being, so avoid hurrying yourself if possible. The lesson here is to slow down, take your time, and not rush into anything. If the timing isn't right, maybe what you're chasing just isn't meant to be. The Sun leaves practical Virgo for your sign at the end of September, which offers a perfect environment for you to take stock of your life. What are your goals and dreams? What do you want for yourself that you don't already have? Where do you see yourself in five years? These are all excellent questions, and answering them can help you reach the balance you strive for in life. Romantic Venus turns retrograde in the beginning of March, so the next six weeks aren't good for making commitments. If you're single and have been thinking of proposing, being proposed to, or simply proposing an idea like moving in together, getting more serious, etc., it might be best to put a pin in that until the energy is more conducive for long-term decisions (late April at the earliest). Those of you already in a committed relationship may experience pangs of doubt here and there, but wondering 'what if' leads to dead ends or poor choices for the most part. Instead, this can be a very good time to clean out your closet of ex-related skeletons. When the past is dredged up during this time it can be cathartic and healing, so as long as you don't get caught up in a 'maybe the grass is greener on the other side' type of vibe, your relationship should come through unscathed. Your home planet, Venus, heads into Leo at the end of August, which can really be summed up in one word: DRAMA. Have you always wanted your love life to be like a soap opera? Because this is your chance! Whether you're single or taken, you can't seem to get away from being smack dab in the middle of romantic craziness. Are you causing it? Do you secretly like it? Time to ask yourself those questions and get some real answers. Venus in Leo also gives you a rather boastful attitude about love, so you like nothing more than to be able to 'claim' the most beautiful person in the room as your own. And talk about major PDAs! You see absolutely nothing wrong with planting a big kiss on your sweetie (or a crush) in front of a big crowd, and whether or not your affections are returned, you're not sorry for having done it. Use your trademark good listening to feel out your loved one's reaction and find that again trademark balance between what you both want and need. Venus moves into intellectually-curious Sagittarius in the beginning of December, when you really enjoy learning all about love. You might read advice blogs and self-help books, and even take classes on the art of romance just to make sure you aren't missing out on something obvious. If you're lucky enough to already share your life with someone, you really yearn to spend some quality time together during this aspect at the end of 2017. You love to explore the world and expand your horizons together, the keyword being 'together'. If you're single, by the end of the year you're looking for that one special person who will want to learn alongside you... and libraries, classrooms, public lecture halls, etc., are great places to hang out in order to meet The One. Career A Mercury-Pluto conjunction at the end of January brings focus and depth to the party, which can be great for your concentration. It's easy for you to get lost in your work, which can actually have a positive, productive effect. The downside is that if you study something too much (obsess much?), you may start to see problems where there aren't any, which results in a classic case of overthinking. When you start seeing issues that aren't really a problem to anyone else and/or that don't benefit you professionally, and you can go from the hero on a project to someone who the boss now wonders about in a negative way. Aim for the middle ground in order to be most productive during this time. Neptune goes retrograde in the middle of June, so the next five months can bring out your personal demons. How they affect your work life varies, but it's virtually impossible to separate your private and professional life, so you can bet they'll show up somehow. Have you been in denial about something? Wish you hadn't done something, or wish you'd done things differently? Ghosts of regret tend to show up now, and if you have even a shred of doubt about yourself, it's evident in your work. Two things can be totally unrelated, but the symptoms are connected nonetheless. It's not all bad -- this is a learning period. Accept your faults and flaws, and don't tense up. Things have a tendency of working themselves out, and leaving you to wonder what you were ever worried about. Venus leaves your sign at the start of November and heads into emotional Scorpio, which highlights loyalty, trust, and jealousy issues. You're very fair-minded, so you feel especially slighted by co-workers or bosses who don't give you the respect you feel that you deserve. Jealousy could rear its ugly head when a friend gets a job or promotion you wanted for yourself, but in the end you're a supportive (despite being somewhat passive-aggressive) friend. Proving you're trustworthy shouldn't be difficult, especially if you have a long track record with the same company, but disappointment can set in when that trust isn't acknowledged or loyalty isn't returned. Good thing you're above all the pettiness.
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( Scorpio )
24 October - 22 November
Overview Your year gets off to an unbalanced start thanks to a conflicting Mars-Saturn square in the middle of January. Mars is one of the powerful, forceful planets that guides you, and getting into it with controlled Saturn causes some turbulence. You want nothing more than to drive ahead at full speed, but there's also something urging you to keep your foot on the brake. You won't get far with these conflicting signals in your head, so try to be patient as you navigate through the frustration. Your intuition takes over at the end of June during the Mars-Neptune trine, when you get permission to relax and let your inner voice guide you through life's difficult terrain. You also have a natural sense of sympathy now, and are helpful to others who may need some gentle guidance. It isn't easy to take on other people's problems, but you're good at it. Just remember not to get so entangled that you lose yourself and/or forget what's important to you. Late October brings the Sun into your sign, and the depth of your emotions intensifies. Jealousy and obsession are always possibilities, but you also have an abundance of willpower and confidence that help see you through most of life's crisis situations. The next month can be tricky to navigate, so tread lightly and rely on your considerable emotional strength to see you through. Romantic Venus struggles in Aries right around Valentine's Day, which tends to bring out some of your more aggressive tendencies. Venus is a gentle, feminine planet, so this pairing isn't ideal. There's an out-of-character 'me first' attitude happening around this aspect, so you may be a selfish lover. Right now you're also on the adventurous side, which can be fun, but there can be risks you're willing to overlook for the sake of a good time. Don't ignore the consequences of irresponsible actions right now, Scorpio. You're turned off by people who come off as prudish or stuffy, but there are good reasons for abstaining from risky romantic behavior. Realize that there is more to life than the conquest. The Mars-Pluto opposition that occurs in the beginning of July brings some darkness into your love life, and although you may be attracted to the dark, brooding types, they can be much more trouble than they're worth. Like times a hundred. This aspect deals with addictions, obsessions, and compulsions of the shadowy variety, and what you need right now is an outlet for all of that negative energy. Single Scorpions may get a charge from trying to help the 'unlucky in love' types right now, but you may be the one who ends up getting hurt in most hard-luck scenarios. Attached Scorpios also have their hands full with partners who have major dark sides to them, or you are dealing with personal demons of your own. You don't have to let important things slide by unnoticed, but you also don't have to focus entirely on the negativity in your love life. Remember that you're in control. Loving Venus moves into your own sign in mid-November, at which point your love life can be a minefield of emotion. You have a strong willingness to commit, which is admirable, but the flip-side of that can be an intensity that a lot of people can't handle. Unrequited love is very difficult for you to handle, and finding a healthy way to deal with feelings of jealousy and revenge is absolutely imperative. Single Scorpios sometimes have an idealized vision of what their true love looks like, and attached Scorpios also tend to romanticize their mates or relationships even though they can clearly see the flaws. Who said love has to be perfect? Career The burst of powerful energy from the Sun-Pluto (your other ruler) conjunction at the beginning of January sets all systems to 'Go' in your work life. You know what you're capable of, and when you're at the right place at the right time, your career can really take off. Don't hesitate to take the initiative on new projects or to volunteer to finish old ones. You're an asset to any team, and you can be a team player or an impressive leader. You go where you're needed, and you can accomplish most tasks with little or no direction. The best thing about you right now is that you don't call attention to yourself. You're happy to sit in your own little corner and get the job done, and your dedication is just one of the things that employers, customers, colleagues, or clients love about you. The end of June brings a Mercury-Pluto opposition that can change the way you express yourself, which can have negative consequences. You have very strong opinions, which is fine, but if you choose to directly challenge a boss or co-worker on your differences, it could amount to trouble. Of course, you love a good challenge, which is what this aspect can bring, and you certainly don't shy away from them, but how you handle them can make a big difference. If you're feeling wronged and/or confrontational in the workplace, take a deep breath and walk away. Spend some time cooling down before you put in your two cents. Saying the wrong thing to the wrong person can have very regretful professional consequences right now, so it's far better to bite your tongue rather than say what you really think. Jupiter moves into your sign at the start of October after being in lofty Libra for the last 13 months, which allows you to zero in on financial details, negotiate contracts, and basically do all of those nitty- gritty tasks that airy Libra didn't want to deal with. Jupiter is the planet of luck, so you can count on lucky/unexpected but happy career events to take place as well. This can be a great time of expansion regarding your career, especially if you meet the right people at the right time.
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( Sagittarius )
23 November - 21 December
Overview You get to set the reset button with Jupiter (your ruling planet) retrograde in the beginning of February. Think 're' as much as possible: rewind, rethink, restart, review, return. It isn't often you get a chance to do it all over again, but now is the time. If you want to make revisions -- especially when it comes to morals, ethics or religion -- you get that chance in the next four weeks. A Mercury-Jupiter trine in the middle of June causes your confidence levels to soar, and this is the perfect time to move ahead with pet projects. You bore easily, so your excess energy is best spent on getting the job done. You have a lot of resources at your disposal, so you don't have to go it alone, but since you obviously do have all of the tools to see it through to fruition, don't try to make any excuses about why you can't finish. Your advanced skill set is too apparent to fool anyone! The Sun drifts into your sign at the end of November, when the general focus will be on relationships and travel. You need to feel a connection, a true bond, with the people in your life, and because you also have a severe case of wanderlust, traveling the world with your BFF is your ultimate fantasy. That might not be a possibility right now, but you are definitely interested in all things far from home. Romantic The beginning of your romantic year starts out with a Jupiter-Saturn lucky configuration at the start of January that sets off a sizzling spark in your love life. If you're single, ask yourself: "Have I been doing the work?" If you have, then you're ready for true love to enter your life. If you're still working on yourself (you know if you are), then it could take more time to attract The One to you. Attached Sags may find your effort paying off around this time, especially if you've been particularly attentive in areas of communication. This aspect teaches us that we get out of love exactly what we put into it, so as long as you remember that love is a two-way street and that a relationship should be give and take, 50-50, you should be fine. Or more than fine depending on your labors of love, Sag. There's a Full Moon in your sign mid-June, and this fast-moving aspect can actually cause some problems due to Saturn's involvement at this time. You've been coasting along for a while, feeling like it's nothing but smooth sailing ahead and then suddenly ka-blam! Out of nowhere there are obstacles in every direction. No one said love was easy, Sagittarius, and this Full Moon is out to prove that theory correct. You know that energy/pressure that's been building up for the last two weeks? That you've been looking forward to finally being able to alleviate? Unfortunately, you can expect unplanned events to get in the way of even the most well-laid plans. Your ruler makes a big move from Libra into Scorpio in the beginning of October, and when it leaves the sign of relationships it can cause a jolt. Now you get to explore the dark side of love, and it isn't always pretty. A lot of the things that you hold dear -- freedom, friendliness and optimism, to name a few -- get thrown by the wayside, replaced with a deep emotional intensity that is quite foreign to you. You aren't used to feeling things like jealousy and obsession when it comes to love, but this aspect brings them into the mix. The struggle now will be to use this powerful energy for good rather than evil. Career A Jupiter-Uranus opposition at the start of March dares you to be your most authentic self. What will you find when you tune out everything else and focus on what's going on in your own little world? This is the time to forget about critics, turn off your inner sensors and truly let your true colors show. What's going to happen if you buck tradition? What if you do things out of the norm? Those of you in very traditional jobs may see a few raised eyebrows or eye rolls, but the feedback is generally positive. Besides, Jupiter is retrograde, which means you can't do that much damage. A Venus-Jupiter opposition in mid-May would normally cause some professional problems relating to moderation, but really the worst this aspect can do right now is to encourage you to have too much fun. Wait... this is about work, right? Well, yes, but who says you can't mix business with pleasure? You may have a tendency to overshoot certain goals, but you have the very best of intentions. You are easily forgiven right now because your outlook is so positive. There is also a certain amount of prompting to take risks, which can backfire at times, but what's the worst that can happen? Weigh the pros with the cons and you'll be fine. A Mars-Saturn trine at the end of August increases productivity, and the timing is right to get those end-of-year projects into their final stages. You have what it takes to get the job done, and as long as you're patient you should be able to see most things through to a very satisfying conclusion. This aspect reminds you that hard work really does pay off, and people should be able to count on your reliability and dependability. The negative side of this aspect can be predictability and boredom, so try not to get lost in the tedious tasks you have to perform at your job (or the monotony of finding one). You shouldn't be afraid to suggest new and ground-breaking ideas, but also don't be so anxious to be innovative that you forget about the tried and true methods that work almost every time.
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( Capricorn )
22 December - 20 January
Overview Your year begins with a difficult Mars-Saturn (your ruling planet) square to deal with toward the middle of January, so despite wanting to go full speed ahead with those New Year's resolutions, something is holding you back. Frustration can set in when you attempt to try anything new right now, so it's best to sit tight and be patient. You have a very good idea of where you're going during a Saturn-Uranus trine in the middle of May, and even if you don't have a certain way to get there, you're pretty sure that you'll find it. Think of this aspect in terms of taking the long way home. It might not be entirely your decision (perhaps construction or a parade detour rerouted you), but you're oh-so-glad you got to experience it, because you never would have otherwise. The Sun moves into your sign at the end of December, and this is your time to truly shine. Your level of ambition tops the charts, and you have the self-discipline, responsibility, and practicality to see things through to their completion. When you have a job to do, you approach it with laser focus, and when you apply this to your personal life, nothing can stop you. Romantic The end of January brings the first of four Venus-Saturn squares, which is twice the number in a typical year. So, dear Capricorn, these could present some problems for you where love is concerned. There are a lot of blockages here, and giving and receiving love aren't the easiest thing for you to do. If you're feeling closed off, this could be why. If you're not feeling worthy, it's hard to be open and accepting that anyone else will -- or could -- love you. What will it take to get over these kinds of obstacles? Try to realize that rejections and setbacks aren't usually a direct result of you or your personality, but rather bad luck, timing or circumstances. A Saturn-Mercury trine toward the end of July (and the last trine of the year between these two planets) helps you keep your love life under control, as you are able to apply your organization and self-discipline skills to your love life. If you're planning a romance-related trip or event, this is the perfect time to make sure things go off without a hitch. You're excellent at tending to every little detail, thus creating the perfect romantic setting. You're also very good at predicting all of the things that could potentially go wrong in your current relationship or a budding one, which enable you to head problems off at the pass whenever possible. Another Saturn-Uranus trine occurs in the beginning of November, and the effect it has on your love life is very freeing. Gone are the strict adherence to rigid rules and regulations that have guided your love life down a certain path in the past, Capricorn, and it's fun to embrace new concepts and ideas as you navigate the road toward love. Being a Cardinal sign, you are a change-maker and instigator, so feel free to introduce new things into your current romance as you see fit. If you're single, take a new approach to dating, especially when technological advances are concerned. Try new dating apps or get in on the beta version of one that's being developed. You don't usually think of yourself as cutting-edge, but right now it works for you. Career It's worth mentioning that Pluto has been moving through your sign, Capricorn, and will continue to for the next several years, and 2016 marks the halfway point of this powerful planet's transit. Money is one of its main focuses, and there could be some drama playing out in this area. Your ambition is beyond compare, so you aren't exactly thrilled with the prospect of having any kind of theatrics surrounding your source of income. You prefer to take things at face value and be able to control your destiny, so when something threatens your financial security, you take action. Spend some time this year avoiding extremes and attempting to decrease dramatization in your financial house as much as possible. A Full Moon in your sign at the beginning of July is an ultimate time of power and control, so you may feel the incredible sense of being in charge of your own destiny. You make things happen regarding your career, which is a big contrast between waiting for things to happen to you. While a lot of your friends and co-workers are content to float along in the status quo, you strive to be above the line of averageness. The downside to this aspect can be that you become overly demanding, and if you're a boss/manager/supervisor you're probably one who isn't friends with their underlings. But that's okay, because as long as everyone is doing what they should be, you're happy with an increase in productivity. You'd take that over friendship any day. Saturn moves into your sign mid-December for the first time since 1988, and you'll probably feel an immediate increase in your sense of responsibility for your own actions. Even if you work as part of a team, you are hyper-sensitive to the exact tasks and projects you're responsible for within your own group. Goats currently looking for work could experience a sense of regret over past actions that have resulted in your present position, but you aren't likely to let yourself make excuses. You are where you are as a direct result of what you did, but the good news is that you and you alone can pull yourself out of your career-related funk. You're the definition of self-reliance.
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( Aquarius )
21 January - 19 February
Overview The Sun takes up residence in your sign toward the end of January, so the focus shifts from the hard bottom line of Capricorn into a more eccentric, progressive way of thinking that you can readily identify with. This is the time of the year to see that there are possibilities everywhere and that you can be more than just a cog in the all-important wheel of change. You also have big humanitarian tendencies, Aquarius, so helping others will be a major focus of the coming month. The end of May brings a Saturn-Uranus (your ruler) trine, which highlights your originality and has far-reaching ramifications. Let's say you invent something new or propose a new idea to a think tank or local charitable organization, and it's not likely to stop there, Aquarius. You're obviously destined to do great things for the world, and this aspect reminds you to go big or go home. Don't think local, think global and beyond. Your home planet turns retrograde at the start of August, so your power to disrupt the status quo and flip things over on their sides diminishes just a bit. Now until the end of the year is a good time for you to rethink your old beliefs and free yourself from those that aren't really working for you any longer. Romantic When the Sun exits your sign and floats into watery Pisces mid-February, your world gets much more emotional. Uncomfortably so at times. So what does this mean for your love life, Aquarius? Your intuition is at its peak, so you feel your way out of and into more romantic situations, which is a very different sensation than using your typical logic and reason. The thing is, you can trust your emotions to lead you down a good romantic path, but you just don't have that much practice doing it. Trust yourself. Trust your instincts and feelings. Be compassionate. Be sympathetic. And suspend belief for just a moment here and there, because it's those fantastic, magical moments that can change your love life for the better. A Venus-Uranus conjunction in the beginning of June hints at an exciting or unusual relationship that breaks the barriers and confines of a traditional union, so if you're single this is definitely something to look forward to. You don't really have a 'type,' but if you did this person would probably be well outside of that range. Look for someone to enter your life who shatters your beliefs on all things love-related, and helps you believe that true love can exist. It may be fleeting or it may be long-lasting, but either way you'll become a believer. If you're an attached Water Bearer, this aspect suggests shaking things up within the confines of your current relationship. Who says things can't be exciting even though you've been together for a while? You never did fit the mold of a conservative lover, and now is the time where that's more evident than ever. A Venus-Neptune trine in the middle of November adds a hint of fantasy and romance to your sometimes humdrum love life, so keep those fantasies at the ready if you have a chance to act them out. This is more of an ethereal, soft vibe where intuitive thinking and clever make-believe role play rule most of the energy, but there's also the possibility of hardcore, explicit actions if that's what you're into. Just remember to keep things light, and that making your daydreams a reality can be satisfying and enchanting. Career A willful Mercury-Uranus conjunction in March helps your career reach new heights, because as your lower mind and higher mind merge, you're able to come to a profound intellectual understanding. The thing is, Aquarius, it's easy to start to feel full of yourself as you surpass peers, co-workers, and even bosses in your professional knowledge, but getting a big head won't help your cause. If getting ahead is your goal, bragging about it won't help you get to where you want to go. Instead of using your superior intellect to put others' down, use it to better yourself. With increased knowledge will come eventual power and progression, but right now is the time to develop your mentality (especially in areas of communication) so that you can better yourself at some point in the future. The end of a Mercury retrograde period in the beginning of May marks a good time to get back up to speed, especially if you've been feeling a touch behind when it comes to technological advances in the past three weeks. You pride yourself on being up-to-date on all of the latest gizmos and gadgets, and this aspect offers a window of opportunity for you to be the 'it' person in this area. If you're employed, expect co-workers, employers, and employees alike to come to you for technology-related advice, and if you're looking for work, this is the field to target. Submit your resume electronically or use a potential employer's app or navigate their website to get the info you're looking for. Does anyone even use email anymore?! A rare Lunar Eclipse in your sign at the start of August is rooted in change, as you may have been feeling some pre-shocks to this rumbling for the last several weeks (and will continue to leading into the coming months). This is a time of endings and beginnings, and because the emotional Moon is in your visionary, progressive sign, the opportunity for change is immense. Though it will affect each person differently, of course, one thing's for sure -- change is coming, Aquarius, no matter how slight or earth-shattering it may be! What others think becomes less important, and professional happiness/satisfaction come from making your own decisions confidently and without worry regarding judgment, recourse, or consequence.
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( Pisces )
20 February - 20 March
Overview Something to be aware of as you start 2017 is that Neptune, your dreamy ruler, is in your sign and will be until 2025. This is a very long transit, and helps you pass through the barriers of materialism in order to tap into a more ethereal plane. Your dreams (both awake and asleep), imagination, and intuition play a vital role in your life and allow you to stretch the field of possibility, so don't lose sight of your special sensitive, spiritual gifts this year. The Sun leaves logical Aquarius and drifts into your watery sign at the end of February, making you even more intuitive and sensitive than you already are. This atmosphere surrounding you immediately begins to soften, and you feel much more at home in your skin. Your creativity is at its peak for the next month, so be sure to start or complete projects where creative blocks have been a problem. You're happiest alone or with close friends, doing something creative/artistic. The lines between reality and fantasy get blurred during the Sun-Neptune opposition in early September, at which point you may struggle to make final decisions and logical choices. One of the main things on your mind is not living up to people's image of you, so you may choose to do nothing at all rather than disappoint. The main lesson here is to strive for that middle ground. Sometimes a well thought-out compromise is the answer. Romantic Your love life is hot from the start as Venus, planet of love, makes herself cozy in your sign at the beginning of January. Your house is her second favorite place to be, because when it comes to love you're one of the most compassionate, idealistic, and romantic signs around. What can you expect from this goddess' visit? You're most attracted to soft-hearted, kind partners for the next several weeks, and anyone who projects a harsh energy or fails to appreciate your sense of romantic style isn't your perfect match. You also want to get what you want, which is to find or have someone to love you unconditionally. You're close to being the perfect partner, so is it asking too much to have that returned? Definitely not. You're all about unconditional love, and unrequited love shouldn't even be part of your vocabulary. A Mars-Neptune square in May is difficult to navigate as it lowers your energy and makes you suspicious. If there is any kind of deceit, lies, scandal, drama... or, worse, a combination of these things, you face deep challenges when it comes to maintaining current relationships or starting new ones. Feeling weak is an unfortunate side effect of this influence, and guilt over past romantic wrongdoings can also be a factor. It's no wonder you're feeling uncomfortable, Pisces, but the big question is what are you going to do about it? Should you let bygones be bygones and accept the way you're feeling, or attempt to make up for past transgressions? Should you even try to elicit an apology from someone who's done you wrong? It may be hard to see the clear picture though the haze right now, but consider the possibility that you're being paranoid, jealous, or vengeful for no reason. Hasty acts can come back to haunt you. The Venus-Neptune opposition in late September signals some vague uncertainties surrounding your love life, and as much as you want to get to the heart of the matter, it might not be possible. It can be a frustrating time full of confusion and unrest, but acting hastily can result in regret. In this case, there is such a thing as being too sensitive. Don't try to be so in tune with someone else's feelings that you lose touch with your own. Have some patience, Pisces, and wait out this storm. Don't compromise too much of what you want and deserve. Career A Solar Eclipse in your sign at the end of February signals new life and a true ray of hope. You're fresh again. Renewed. You've put in so much hard work, Pisces, and now you have the chance to enjoy the fruits of your efforts. Are you ready to do it all over again? Probably not, but that's okay because right now isn't a time of action, it's a time of reflection. Let go of the past and embrace the future, whatever may come. Let out a deep breath and take a look around. If you like what you see, great. Congratulations! This is what you've been working for. If you aren't happy with the view, relax. Don't stress. You have the tools you need to succeed, and when you're ready, you'll use them to better your situation. A Mercury-Neptune trine at the end of October really illuminates your creativity, and if you have a job that's highly technical or uses an abundance of logical thinking you may be a bit lost. If taking a vacation or calling in sick isn't an option, perhaps there are some more out-of-the-box, artistic, or creative tasks you can focus on for a while, because right now logic isn't your best asset. Artists and creative types plus sales/marketing gurus: this is your time to shine! A Mars-Neptune trine in December makes you an excellent team player, and you tend to pull for the underdogs. If you're in charge of hiring, you might feel sympathetic toward someone who's down on their luck and really needs a job, completely ignoring their lack of skills when their life stories play on your sympathies. Employed co-workers might take responsibility for something your co-worker did because you feel sorry for them, only to have the blame shifted on you or end up being used as a scapegoat. Unemployed Pisces might take on volunteer work or internships out of the goodness of their hearts, but don't settle for less than you deserve. If taking such a position will help further your career in some way, great, but don't do it as a favor for a friend or a down-on-their luck corporation. You deserve to be valued -- and comfortable.
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